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Florida official accused of face licking resigns after being fined

A Florida city commissioner has resigned after being fined $5,000 by a state ethics commission in the wake of numerous accusations, including that she sexually harassed a former city official and licked his face.

A report from The Florida Commission on Ethics dated Dec. 7 says that Madeira Beach City Commissioner Nancy Oakley was issued the fine after the commission heard witness testimony detailing Oakley’s “bizarre behavior.”

The findings particularly highlight an alleged Nov. 2012 incident where Oakley delayed the start of an outdoor city commission meeting, “committed a battery against the city manager by licking his neck and face and groping him” and cursed at and “threw a punch” at another city employee.

The Madeira Beach City Commission reprimanded Oakley and accepted her resignation Wednesday, the Tampa Bay Times reported. Oakley was not seeking reelection for her position next month, the publication says.

Oakley’s resignation letter denied wrongdoing and said she was resigning to put an end to the controversy, the Washington Post reports

“While the Commission on Ethics has made their decision, I maintain my innocence and am pursuing the paths of appeals available,” she wrote, according to the publication. “With that being said, it is time for us all to move on.”

The Florida Commission on Ethics report detailed witness accounts of a Nov. 2012 incident that occurred at an outdoor city council meeting.

The report alleges Oakley had consumed alcohol at a fishing tournament before the meeting and escalated a conflict with city employees over an alleged romantic affair. 

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She alleged two employees, a male and a female, were having an affair, the report said.

Oakley would allegedly not allow the meeting to proceed with the female taking minutes; Oakley allegedly used profanities in demanding the woman leave and “threw a punch” at her.

“Using her tongue” Oakley licked the male “up the side of his neck and face,” the report said, noting that Oakley also allegedly groped the man. It also documented several other alleged examples of unwanted licking by Oakley.

The 2012 incident was not reported for five years, as an involved city employee feared for his job, the Post reported, citing ethics commission documents.

In a statement emailed to USA TODAY Thursday, a City of Madeira Beach spokesperson confirmed Oakley’s resignation. 

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“Following a ruling by an administrative law judge and a final recommendation from the Florida Commission on Ethics, Ms. Oakley decided to resign her position as a City Commissioner so that the community can move forward,” said Curt Preisser in the written statement.

The board of commissioners accepted the resignation, as their values hold that “no one is above the law,” the statement read.

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