Drastic measures will shake up look of sport

PHOENIX — Gone are the days of one-out relievers in Major League Baseball.

Gone are the multiple trade deadlines, with no trade permitted after July 31.

Gone is the idea of a pitch clock in baseball.

And no longer will teams like the Los Angeles Dodgers and Philadelphia Phillies be playing with a 40-man roster in September, while the Miami Marlins are playing with only 25 players.

MLB and the union will formally announce Thursday several major rule changes, most which will be implemented in 2020, two officials told USA TODAY Sports. They spoke only on the condition of anonymity because they have yet to publicly announce the changes.

— Pitchers will be required to face a minimum of three batters in a game beginning in 2020.

— There will be a single July 31 trade deadline, starting this season, with teams prohibited from making any type of trade after that date.

— Mound visits will be reduced from six to five during games beginning this year, and perhaps reduced to four visits in 2020.

— There will be an All-Star election day starting this summer where fans can determine the starting players in the All-Star Game with 24-hour voting.

— The Home Run Derby will now pay $1 million to the winning player.

— Commercial breaks during innings will be shortened by 20 seconds to 2 minutes.

— Position players will be prohibited from pitching in games that don’t go into extra innings, unless a team is ahead or behind by at least eight runs.

— Committees will be appointed by the Commissioner’s office and the union to formally discuss the game’s economic concerns. They will study ways to make the free-agent market more active. They will discuss eliminating the incentive for teams from purposely losing to gain top draft picks. They will explore efforts to prevent teams from manipulating service time that delays their top prospects from being called up to the major leagues.

— And finally, beginning in 2020, all teams will have a 28-man roster in the final month of September, after having a 26-man roster the first five months of the season.

Fans and players will still vote in the traditional way for the All-Star team until July, but the top three finishers in each position will be on a one-day election ballot where the fans will determine the starting players.

The $1 million prize for the home-run derby is designed to get baseball’s best stars to participate, with a total pool of $2.5 million.

The union is thrilled there are 30 more jobs in baseball, and that MLB has abandoned the idea of a pitch clock, but the tradeoff is that beginning in 2020, pitchers must face a minimum of three batters in a game.

Perhaps the biggest aspect of the changes is that MLB and the union are willing to talk about the bigger issues facing the game, and possibly make amendments to the Collective Bargaining Agreement, averting a potential work stoppage after the 2021 season.

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