Trump visits the border: Trump pulls nomination for ICE director, says he will go in “tougher direction” — live stream

President Trump is withdrawing the nomination of Immigration and Customs Enforcement Acting Director Ron Vitiello to serve permanently in that position, saying that the administration is going in a “tougher direction.”

Mr. Trump spoke to reporters as he departed to travel to California for a trip to the border and a fundraiser. He’ll be in Calexico for a visit with the border patrol, and a look at what the White House says is new border wall construction. Mr. Trump will then fly to Beverly Hills for GOP fundraisers and then will travel to Las Vegas.

The president reiterated his threat to impose 25% tariffs on cars coming from Mexico if immigrants continue to enter the U.S. over the southern border in large numbers. He said that Mexico has been doing an “absolutely terrific” job for last few days in stemming the flow of undocumented migrants since he threatened close the border last week.

Mr. Trump also told reporters that he will not be attending the White House Correspondents Dinner for the third year in a row, and will instead host a rally on that night.

The president has continued to push Congressional Democrats to act on border security and immigration reform, most recently threatening to close large sections of the border. 

Before leaving, Mr. Trump’s re-election campaign released a video highlighting the “undeniable crisis” at the southern border. The video features a variety of 2020 Democratic contenders slamming the president’s immigration policies and long-promised border wall, and later claims that Democrats “do not want to keep Americans safe.”

“Democrats refuse to admit there is a crisis along our southern border and are even actively campaigning on an open borders platform,” said Trump campaign National Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany in a statement. “President Trump has been an unmistakable leader on the issue of illegal immigration since before he took office and will not rest until our border is secured.”

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