Wild elephants die in Thailand in waterfall incident, reports say


Six wild elephants have died in Thailand after falling from a waterfall, according to international media reports.

The incident occurred after a baby slipped off a waterfall in Khao Yai National Park, the BBC reports citing officials. The animals were attempting to save each other from the dangerous falls, known locally as Haew Narok — “Hell’s Fall” — according to the publication.

A report sent to the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation says many elephants were gathered near the waterfall Thursday and Friday, Sky News reports. After officials heard elephant cries coming from the area early Saturday morning, they found a baby elephant drowned part way down the waterfall, the publication says.

Two male elephants stood on the cliff above the baby elephant; in a ravine below the baby, officials found the bodies of five drowned adult elephants.

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A Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation handout photo dated Oct. 5 shows an aerial view of the deceased animals. 

A similar incident thatkilled eight elephants happened at the same location in 1992, according to the BBC.

The surviving elephants will likely experience grief. When two elephants died earlier this year at an Indianapolis Zoo, officials confirmed that the rest of the herd reacted emotionally.

“This is probably just as difficult for our elephants. We know that elephants grieve. They are intensely social,” Indianapolis Zoo President Rob Shumaker said at the time.


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