Europol posts ‘Crime Has No Gender ‘ most-wanted list

A screen grab from the Europol website shows wanted fugitives. When viewers scroll over individuals, the mask is removed to reveal the wanted subject.

Europol, the law enforcement agency of the European Union, released a list of women fugitives on Saturday — from convicted murderers, to human sex traffickers — as part of its new “Crime has No Gender” campaign.

The women-centric campaign drew criticism after Europol spokesperson Claire Georges said the organization “wanted to show that women are just as likely to commit violent crimes as men.”

“Even though the discourse is often around ‘male fugitives,’ women can be just as bad,” she said.

The campaign, aimed at driving up web traffic in hopes of catching criminals, shows fugitives with a digital mask, obscuring their gender, which falls away as viewers scroll down the individual bio.

“Who is hiding under the mask,” the website asks.

The website teases the new campaign by asking, “Are women equally as capable of committing serious crimes as men?”

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