Mouse deer in Vietnam, thought to be lost for years, photographed

Neither mouse nor deer, this Vietnamese ungulate is shy, walks on the tips of its hooves and was just spotted in the wild for the first time in almost 30 years.

Environmental group Global Wildlife Conservation said the silver-backed chevrotain, known as the Vietnamese mouse-deer, had been recorded in the wild only five times until a team of researchers recently rediscovered it outside Nha Trang.

Distinguished by its silver sheen, this chevrotain is the about the size of a rabbit and was known to live in an area of Vietnam rife with poaching snares, Global Wildlife Conservation says.

The silver-backed chevrotain, one of 10 chevrotain species, was first described in 1910 when four Vietnamese mouse-deer were collected, Global Wildlife Conservation says. The fifth was not spotted until 1990, and no others had been seen since. The group had listed the animals on their list of top 25 most wanted lost species.

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