Canada demands justice for downed Ukraine plane

Hours after Iranian officials accepted blame for shooting down a Ukrainian passenger jet, Canada’s prime minister called for justice for the families of the 176 people killed.

“Shooting down a civilian aircraft is horrific. Iran must take full responsibility,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said at a press conference Saturday. He called the crash, which killed 63 Canadians, a “senseless loss of life.”

“Even in a moment of heightened tensions, this should never have happened,” he said. “There are going to be many conversations and reflections on consequences.”

In a phone call with Trudeau on Saturday, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani had committed to collaborate on the investigation, de-escalate tensions in the region, and continue a dialogue, Trudeau said.

Iran missile strike and plane crash:Here’s how the horror unfolded

Iran had granted three visas to members of Canada’s Rapid Deployment Team and assured the nation that more Canadians would soon be granted visas, Trudeau said.

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